Saturday, 31 December 2011

My top 10 of 2011

Since I didn't do alot of scrapping this year, my top ten aren't pages, more like things and moments.
So here we go:
First is the cake that has been most requested from me. And my go to cake for special occasions - the chocolate mousse cake. Found in Bill Grangers Bill's Food cookbook. Oh so yum. If you love chocolate - you need to try it!

Number Two -
I went to a sewing class. Which excited me so much I bought a machine.
So I could make my first quilt.
Or was this my first one? I made them at the same time.

Which leads to number 3. My Queen quilt.
Still not completed. But definitely on my to do list for 2012. I want it done and on my bed.

Four: My coffee machine. Hands down my favourite appliance this year. I love coffee. LOVE it. And it's oh so much better being able to roll out of bed, hit a button and make a perfect cappucino every single time. Mmm.
Coming in at number Five (but number 2 on the appliance list, a new addition to my kitchen). My Kitchenaid mixer. Ahh, so pretty.
Number Six: My beautiful boy turned 15 and we spent the day tearing up the go kart track. Even though he was crook for most of the day, he thoroughly enjoyed himself - which made my heart sing.
Number Seven: The funniest moment. We heard on the net that 7-11 were having a BYO cup day. So my daughter took down my vase as a cup, resulting in the worlds biggest slurpee. Well, the biggest I've ever seen.
Number Eight: Moving. Moving this year was huge. Huge physically and huge emotionally. We'll be moving again this year, and at this stage I really don't even want to think about it.
Number nine: Getting chickens. I never knew I wanted them until I got them. The ladies are so beautiful and I love getting fresh eggs daily.
And finally ten. Celebrating 11 years of marriage to the bestest man I know.

What an adventure 2011 has been for us. It hasn't been perfect but we are together and stronger than ever. My kids are amazing and I cherish every second that I have with them.
Here's hoping that 2012 is bigger, better, brighter and far beyond anything in your wildest dreams.

Happy New Year to you xxx


  1. I love they way you've summarized your year :)

    One Life Documented

  2. Awesome list! :) And I looooove the Queen quilt!! Someday I'll make one myself, I know! *gg*

  3. These are WONDERFUL!!! Love them all! Great review!

  4. Happy New Year, Kelly! And guess what? I finally bought my Empire Red Kitchenaid at 11pm NYE. Haha!! Thanks for the reco!!

  5. So many adventures this year!


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