Monday, 28 January 2013

Flooded in

We are in the midst of some crazy weather right now. Yesterday we were flooded in. See the creek in front of the tree line - it's meant to be way behind them.
 Luckily we still had power so I made the most of it and had a sewing afternoon.
I made my girl a cushion using Tula's free pattern

Although I made a bit boo boo on the front (I used a water print on the bottom bit - duh!) my girly loves it. So I'm happy with that.
Today I'm cooking up a batch of banana muffins.
 And trying to wade my way through the unfinished projects hanging off my table.

Kel xxx


  1. I am yet to find a banana muffin recipe that I love. Hope your safe where you are.

  2. Oh wow that is some amount of rain. Love the sewing, i actually just bought a phone cover with a camper van on it, just love them
    Oh and yum on the muffins i love banana

  3. QLD is really copping the bad weather at present! So glad you have power. What a great cushion cover! Love banana muffins for using up those over ripe bananas that seem to breed on my bench.

  4. Hope your OK today. Love the cushion, I want one!

  5. stay warm.. stay safe, Kelly! i'll be thinking of you.. *hugs*

  6. Wow, be safe. Love the pillow!

  7. WOW! Wish we could have some of your rain! We certainly need it badly here! Be safe!

  8. Hope the floods weren't too bad where you are! Love your VW camper pillow.

  9. Are the floods all settled now? Maybe the water beneath your van (on your pillow) was a representation of you guys being flooded in, ha ha!

    1. That's exactly what I was going for! LOL ;o)


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