Monday, 14 January 2013

New for me

I share an office with my hubby. So we each have limited space.
All my scrapping stuff takes up most of the room - so I only have a little corner of it to sew in.
I have wanted to get a massive horn table - but settled on getting a smaller one that I found on ebay yesterday.
First thing this morning I cleared out my corner and vacuumed all the loose threads on the floor.

 As soon as it got here I started shovelling things into it.
The little stool that came with it even has a bit of storage under the seat. So cute.
 Now I'm just waiting on my plastic insert to arrive and I'll be all set.
I am really happy with my purchase - especially since I had money leftover in the budget to do a bit of fabric shopping. Which took me all of 5 seconds to spend it.
Can't wait til it all arrives.


  1. Oh there is nothing better than a newly organised creative space! Enjoy making things with that extra fabric!

  2. I love to decorate new spaces, it must feel so good to you to have this all done. Enjoy it!!

  3. Oh it looks so organised and tidy, I remember when my desk looked that neat :)
    I really like your ottoman thingy, so cute.

  4. It looks terrific, glad it's working out. I love my little area of the house.


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