Sunday, 28 April 2013

No time

So last week was so busy - I had no time at all to get in my sewing room, only the kitchen. Hopefully this week it'll be a different story. Hoping to receive those fabrics tomorrow or Tuesday so I can get started on the quilt. And that should take up my time this week. Aiming to get the quilt ready to send off by next Monday.

And this little smoochy girl has been getting much love and cuddles. She likes to "help" with my daughters homework. We gave her a bath yesterday and she is much happier.  Have you ever tried to bath a cat? It's not the best idea.

Today I've got much to do - so I better go do it!
Have a Happy Sunday. I can't wait for My Kitchen Rules tonight. I love both teams but I think Dan & Steph will win it. I've got my fingers crossed for them.


  1. Your a better woman than me if you attempted to bath a cat!!! LOL
    She is a beautiful girl.

    1. Ha. It took 3 of us to do it, and my poor daughter copped the claws. But we all survived and Violet is much ;o)


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