Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Not such a great week

So last week was a shocker. Up early every morning for class.
Waiting for rides home. As the parking was so ridiculous I had to get hubby to drop me there every day.
Then I got news that my mum was back in hospital with an infection after surgery. Awesome.
And my sweet kitty handsome had been sick all week. So Friday night we made the heartbreaking decision to put him down. It was awful. But I couldn't leave him by himself. I had to be there with him.
He was my chatter box. I miss hearing him. I miss seeing him. He was my little buddy.
This little sweetpea is missing her buddy too. She's taken to sleeping with me at night. And I don't mind one bit!

This week I need some happy. Mum might be coming home today. If all her results are good. And I want to do some sewing. I had planned to start a bag yesterday but got sidetracked. Maybe today.
Hope you are having a much better week!


  1. Awww Kelly my heart is breaking for you, loosing a kitty is so hard but you did what was best and he is safe now. xxx

  2. sending you some hugs Kelly! here's to a better week!

  3. Big big hugs! So sorry for your loss and I hope your mom is on the mend quickly! Have a great day girl!

  4. Aw Kelly, what a week! Sorry about your cat! I hope the next week is better:)


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