Thursday, 13 June 2013

A bit random really

So, this week has been all about the caravan. All the boring stuff.
My hubby darling replaced all the lights and the external power outlet.
I put in a new extinguisher.
We put the bed in, and some new carpet. And had to order a custom mattress for it. It's a little firm - but I suppose we'll get used to it. The bed is begging for a scrappy quilt. Just not sure what I want to make yet.
We also got a gas safety certificate - so we're a little closer to getting the van on the road. Yay.

A new menu for the week. The snapper & asparagus salad was delicious!!
Chicken Tandoori wraps are an excellent choice for tonight as I can quickly throw them together before I go to work.
And my fabric arrived today. Hoping to get 2 dresses out of it. Or maybe a dress and a top.

Still nothing happening here sewing wise. But going to try and make my wallet tomorrow. Maybe that will help get me back at the sewing machine a little more regularly.

Have a great weekend.

Kel xxx

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  1. Your caravan looks lovely! I love traveling with one! We are in the process of redoing an old Airstream and can't wait to go traveling with it!


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