Monday, 10 June 2013

The past week...

Has been all about the caravan. Cleaning it. Shopping for things for it. Building things.
My awesome hubby came up with the idea to make a box bed to replace the one in the van - so we could have storage under the bed.
I am very impressed!!

Now if you know me - you know I can't go without a coffee everyday. So I picked up a cheap coffee capsule machine for the van.
And some capsules to test out.
Probably should focus more on the serious stuff - like a mattress and a roadworthy. We've got an adapter coming which means we'll be able to plug the van into the house and see what internal things don't work in it. And we need to replace the broken lights on the outside too. Lots to do. I think today we're relaying carpet, and checking out the annexe.

Until I decide what to sew for the van, this is on my sewing list this week.
I'm going to make the dress version - when my fabric arrives. And a new wallet. Mine is falling apart!

So what are your plans for the new week? Anything fun?
Have a good one,

Kel xxx


  1. That pattern looks really cute and I am really intrigued, how do you make your own wallet?

    1. I bought a pattern to make one. I hope it turns out ok

  2. Your coffee machine looks fab - cute pattern too!


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