Tuesday, 8 January 2008

It is Tuesday...

But it feels like Wednesday. I have thought it was Wednesday all day today.
I was all ready to watch The Starter Wife and Cane. Bummer :o(
So I made a card instead.

I received my albums yesterday. I have filled both of them and I still have a box of layouts to put somewhere!!
Oh, and I got the wrong size refills. I may have to punch extra holes in them and try and smoosh them in.

I ordered some White embossing powder and some Heat and Stick powder today. It'll take about 2 weeks. But just as long as I get it by Valentines day, I'll be happy!!

I was reading Ngaires blog post today. And I saw the link she had to an etsy shop for personalised rings. I scooted straight over there and ordered one as it is my hubbys birthday this month - and I thought it would be a really great present. Quite genius, really.
I don't think I'll get it in time. Oooh ~ just thinking I could give it to him for Valentines Day.
Yeah. Except now I have to come up with another present for his birthday.


K xxx


  1. Great card! My hubbys bday is coming up too. HOpe you find something equally awesome!

  2. funny, I thought it was Monday all morning...LOL
    Love that card!

  3. Mmmm I'm really trying to avoid Etsy like a mined area at the moment - I'm so broke after Xmas ! lol !
    Anyway, the ring seems like a super good idea !

  4. Oh.. I like the Thanks card, very pretty.

  5. The thanks card looks beautiful...I love the colours!


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