Saturday 27 September 2008

End of week

No - I didn't accidently chop this in half. I did this layout for my best friend for her birthday - I just don't think she would appreciate her picture in cyberspace!!
This week I haven't done alot of scrapping. I think I've lost my mojo.
I did realise though that I had run out of A4 white cardstock ( a few days before Cathy Zielske's class) so I had to order some.
Oh and I finally received my SC kits. YUMMO!! Haven't touched them yet as I am saving them to use in CZ's class.
Also managed to download episode one & two of Greys Anatomy season 5. (Makes me very happy!!) I received season 4 on dvd on Tuesday so I had it finished by thursday 5:00am. Had an all nighter to finish it and was very sorry on Thursday because I was exhausted.
Bought a new cd - The Final Conversation of Kings by The Butterfly Effect. Love it. I have all of theirs but this one is my new favourite.
And one more sleep until reveal at SC. So excited. Just got money in my account just in time!!
Well that was fascinating huh!
Back next week hopefully with something scrappy to show!
K xxx


  1. I am excited about the reveal tonight, too. I have my money and am ready to spend! :o)

    I will have to check out the CD you mentioned. I am always looking for something new to listen to.

  2. See you at the reveal tonight too, should be a good time. They are selling stamps!

  3. Great page!! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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