Saturday, 20 September 2008

It worked...

I made a little mess last night and got scrapping. I liked the layout until I stuck the brads on. Oops. Too late so I just had to keep going. Oh well.
This was a card I made a little while ago but forgot to post. I entered it in the Tarisota card comp. I have this obssession with yellow at the moment.
Yesterday I was the biggest klutz. I knocked my iphone off the bench onto the tiled floor. And as I was trying to catch it - I forgot I was holding my coffee in my hand - I stumbled and ended up pouring hot coffee on it.
It is still working, suprisingly. Then the other day I caught my leg on the car door as I was getting out and now I have a huge black bruise. Ouch! I am a disaster!
Anyway - off to enjoy my day. Perhaps a little more scrapping.
Hope you enjoy your weekend too.
K xxx


  1. Hi Kelly, thanks for commenting on my blog! Love that adorable layout!

  2. ouch-poor you- you did some hurtful stuff ! Loe your layout!!!

  3. girl be careful namaste.. love the card!

  4. I am just as clutzy. I'm often concerned that people will think I'm being abused when they see all my scrapes and bruises. And I feel stupid explaining how I came by my injuries. For example ... my last boo boo happened while I was running backwards and sideways trying to stop 5 biggish sows from running out of a pen. I tripped and landed on my generous bottom. At least all that padding is good for something ... nothing broken! Take care!

  5. I like the layout, and I like the brads. If you are still unhappy, add one more, because for some reason an odd number sometimes workes better. but really, i think it is great just the way it is.

  6. errrr don't hope you dont have any scrappin injuries girl. We need to get ya a suit made out of bubble wrap? (I will let you borrow mine) Im the biggest klutz in the world... that sooo sounds like my normal day to day rofl.
    Hope tha klutz's leave you and you get some fun scrappin done :)
    Im about to go watch Auburn vs LSU and get hoarse from yellin wheheeww

  7. I totally love that card yellow rocks!!!!

  8. Ooo, that card is just wonderful! Aqua and green is my fave color combo right now!


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