Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The day after, the day after my iphone died

So a couple of days ago the kids rode to the shop to get fish & chips. They took my iphone.
When they got back, I discovered that they had put my phone in the bag with the fish......and the fish had leaked all over my phone. It was everywhere. Eeekkk!!!!
I stopped in to Apple to see if they could do repairs. They ended up replacing it with a brand spankin new one. (At a fee of course - but a much smaller fee than buying another one outright)
So happy to have a phone back!!
I was so impressed by Apple's service. 5 stars!!!
K xxx


  1. No more fish for the kids!!!! Glad you were able to replace your phone!!!!

  2. LOL! That had to be a new reason for them. I am glad you got a brand new spankin' iphone and on top of that...glad it will not smell like fish. :o)


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