Monday 26 October 2009

Monday-itis (aka Sucky Monday)

Not a really great start to the week.
So far this morning (and it hasn't even hit luch time yet), I have:
Woken up late
Cleaned up cat vomit - TWICE
Taken the kids to 2 different schools
Been to the post office
Got two flat tyres
Been to the bank
Cleaned the pool
Done 2 loads of washing (have 2 more to go)
Changed the sheets on 2 beds
And done the washing up.

Still waiting on my SC kits. Really hoping they come today.
I think they would make today a little less sucky!!

K xxx

Edited to add: My kits arrived - Hooray!!!


  1. Kelly, that really is a sucky monday !!! Cat Vomit Twice - lol. You poor thing, how revolting !!!!! lol.
    Oh well at least you got your SC kits. Have fun, their stuff is amazing. So lovely you dropped by, haven't talked for a LONG time....
    Life kinda gets crazy.
    Anyhow hope the week gets better for you.
    Steph xo

    Two flat tyres ??? Wow. I can't believe that. xo

  2. I'm so glad you got your kits! I hope the rest of your day gets better and better!

  3. Holy Cow you've been busy today!

  4. oh heck - not a good start!! hoping that kit turns your week around - enjoy it!!

  5. what a day for you! On the bright side, you got a lot done today though! Hope Tuesday is better!


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