Thursday, 27 January 2011

This week

My kids went back to school. It's weird that they are both at the same school again. My traveling time has been cut in half every day. Awesome.

The other day I went to walk outside and saw the cats at the door - then I noticed what they were watching. The big water dragon. He gives me the creeps. We have a ton of them here. Usually they sun themselves on the bench or cool down in the pool, but this guy decided he wanted to get real close.  Yuck! I'd prefer that he kept to himself.

I am still loving my coffee machine. Makes me happy. Every. Single. Day.
Have baked quite a few banana cakes. They are so quick and easy in my thermomix.
We've spent pretty much every afternoon in the pool or at the beach. It's starting to finally feel like summer here. Hooray!!
And I got my craft on tonight. Finishing a gift for my mum that was meant to be for christmas but I got sidetracked. I just need some suitable ribbon.
And I'm so bummed that my January SC kits haven't arrived yet. February's go on sale in a few hours. I already did my shopping tonight. I got a couple of mister hueys, some adhesive and another JBS ink.
I hope it comes tomorrow.
Hope you are having a wonderful week -


  1. Oh, Kelly that little monster would scare the pants off me! Mmmm... banana bread!! I love the gift you are working on!

  2. that dragon is scarey!! I sure hope you get your kit soon.

  3. whoa that would certainly be startling to find one of those on your front porch! the tablet you made for your mom looks great!!

  4. Ooooo...the dragon cool...not cool right outside my door though! ACK! Here's to hoping your kit arrives today!

  5. Those water dragons would freak me out! Although I guess I would get used to them :)

    I really love your blog design, very cool!

  6. I'm in love with your coffee maker, to die for ;)

  7. its raining here and i really could use some pool time.... booohooo!

  8. I'll freak out if I see that that close. lol..
    Hope you get your kit soon. *hugs*

  9. When I visiting in Costa Rica those suckers would blend in with the grass. I remember almost having a heart attack when I would be sitting down and notice one within a meter of me...Your coffee/espresso machine looks pretty fantastic.

  10. Like what you are doing with the note board, that is cute. It took me a long time to get used to water dragons slinking around on the back deck but when someone told me the bigger they get the less likely we are to have snakes I was just fine with that idea!


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