Monday, 6 February 2012

This and that

This cute little fluff ball looks so sweet and innocent when she's asleep, doesn't she? Not so much when she's awake. She has the loudest voice - and isn't afraid to use it. Over the weekend, my only time to sleep in was interrupted by her, telling me it was time to get up. She truly is the kitty alarm clock!
Lucky I love her so much!!

You'll notice (or maybe not) my blog background is missing, and the font. Had to change the template. Hoping that commenting is now working - and threaded too. I guess I'll soon see.

The air con started gushing out water right next to our new tv on Saturday. Lucky the kids noticed it so I could mop it up before it caused any damage. So it has been stinking hot here!
The electrician came today to fix it. The drain wasn't installed correctly and there were toads living in the pipe, which blocked the water from getting out. Ewww!! But now it's working again - and I can finally enjoy a coffee in the cool. Heaven!

Might even get around to sewing those last 2 quilts...

Have a Happy Monday,

Kelly xxx


  1. Your kitty looks just like one of my kitties! And he has a loud meow that he uses when he can't find me! So glad you got everything repaired quickly!

  2. Yikes about the air conditioning! Glad you caught it, and glad it's back on :)
    I was able to comment today.
    So everything must be working ok :)

    1. Hooray Mary Jo. I was beginning to think that I'd really broke it!


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