Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hospitals, tests and big boys

A little hospital visit. A bit of a scare - but everything is ok at the moment.
Belly getting bigger. I had my Glucose Tolerance Test. Wasn't that fun.
I had to be tested because I have previously had big babies. And I guess because I am alot older this time around. And wider!
It was yuck. The liquid tasted like undiluted cordial. I got it down as fast as I could.
And in good news - my beautiful boy has graduated high school. So proud of him.
He had his formal last night and in his words, he had an awesome time!

Got another busy week ahead - but hoping to fit in a little sewing time.
Have a Happy weekend!

Kel xxx


  1. Feel good, Kelly! How many weeks are you now?

    1. 23 today. So much further to go. Definitely feeling my age this time around!


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