Saturday 28 December 2013


This year I made the conscious choice to take it easy. I knew it wasn't going to be easy in this heat so I didn't put alot of pressure on myself.
On Christmas Eve, I prepared everything that I could for the next day. So all I had to do on Christmas was serve it and wash up. Easy Peasy.
I spent most of Christmas Day in the pool. It was so relaxing. Just enjoying our last Christmas as a family of four.
So ready for this bubba to come. 11w and 5 days to go. Although you'd swear I was ready to pop now. I am huge!!
Now that Chrissy is over - I'm going to try and turn my attention to finishing up that nappy bag. And get my oldest girl organised to go back to school.
It's my birthday in a week - so trying to come up with a plan for that, although right now a sleep in and a massage are the only things I want to do.

Have a Happy New Year!

Kel xxx


  1. Nice looking pav... and belly :)

  2. semoga sukses terus gan buat usahanya

  3. Mau mendapatkan pelayanan yang baik dan ramah???

    Modal Kecil bisa mendapatkan hasil yg luar biasa...

  4. Menarik sekali, perlu saya coba ini..
    kebetulan lagi cara tentang hal ini.

  5. ok mantap sob buat infonya dan salam kenal

  6. keren mas buat infonya dan salam sukses selalu

  7. bagus bos artikelnya dan menarik

  8. makasih gan buat infonya dan semoga bermanfaat

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  10. sengangat terus ngeblognya mazz..


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