Wednesday, 11 July 2007

From last week

Did these few pages last week.

I cannot believe how cold it is here. My hands are completely numb. I have to rub them together, type, rub them together, type........

Michael went back to school yesterday. He had a good day. They all had to swap seats around and he ended up being moved next to the girl he likes. Their birthdays fall on the same day. So cute. I don't know if she likes him - but she is nice to him. Thats enough for me. Michael has Aspergers Syndrome and sometimes kids are really mean. Which means I worry alot for him.

So I think it's pretty sweet that there is someone that is nice to him.

Caitlin has been naughty today. I think she's getting bored with everyone going back to school. She is absolutely lost between 9 and 3. No kids around. Bring on Monday.

Peace for me. And also means I can get my chrissy shopping done!

Goodnight xxx

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  1. More cool pages!
    I'm glad that Michael has a nice girl sitting next to him in class, that's cute that they both have the same birthdays,


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