Saturday, 21 July 2007


This morning we were moving some boxes to the office.

So I loaded up my boot, and was just backing out of the driveway, when hubby yells out to me to take one of the big bottles of water for the water cooler as well. I had no room so I had to put it in the back seat. So I pull out of the driveway and start driving down the hill. I turn the corner and I hear...CRACK!! Obviously not a good noise.

When I finally pulled up at the office I opened the back door and expected to see a cracked water bottle. Nope bottle is fine. So I pull the bottle out and go to close the door - and what do I see?

The water bottle had hit the door and cracked the speaker cover. Not a little crack. Oh no. A giant crack. Not happy! Felt so bad. Not even 24 hours and it's already damaged!

Cakey had to go to school today (yes it's Saturday) for a choir workshop. They are performing up in Brisbane next week.

And then we all went to see Transformers. Really good movie. It didn't finish until 6:15pm so I had to come home and cook my roast beef. That will be lunch tomorrow!

Zina swapped me her Bind it all today as I wanted Pink and she didn't. Thanks Zina! What a sweetheart! So now I've got a pretty pink one. Yay. I may get some use out of it this week.

Till next time...

Kelly xxx

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  1. oh what a total bummer about your car!! I'm sorry about that :O(
    Loving your new book pages :O)


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