Wednesday, 18 July 2007

I got the dog!!

So here's 2 more from my book. Totally loving it.

And today after total chaos, I got the call. "It's been approved". Woohoo!!
I am now the proud owner of a car. Yes we already have 2. But this car is all mine. Can fit all the family in. Is not to be shared with 4 other people. It's mine. Mine to have on weekends. Through the day. Night too. Mine 24 hours a day!! Hooray.
I am confined to the house almost every single day as other people use our cars. (they are work cars) And now I have my own. I am so happy I could burst. Good Day Today. Actually great day today. But I won't be getting it until maybe Friday. I can't wait.
Yay for me!!
Hope your day is as good as mine!
Might go buy a lotto ticket coz I am feeling pretty damn lucky today.
See ya!
K xxx


  1. Yay for you - you won't know yourself with a car of your own to zip about with, how lovely.

    I'm loving your book too, it's looking so yummy :O)


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