Thursday, 3 January 2008

Early presents

Hubby bought me a Clip it up for my birthday. It arrived today, so I used it today!!

It didn't quite hold as much as I wanted it to. But I shoved as much as I could on it.

I took the opportunity to do a clean out tonight. Got rid of another box load of stuff that I've just been keeping. So I have a little bit more space.

I definately need to get some more cardstock!!

Just waiting on my albums to arrive - and then I can get my layouts out of the boxes on the floor. (I'll gain a little bit more space there too)

Mum is giving me money for my birthday so I have ordered this kit from Studio Calico. Can't wait to get it. So so cool!! It's a calendar canvas.

Doesn't it look like so much fun!

I think so!!

It is so wet here. It feels like the rain will never end!!

Definately good movie weather!! Or scrapping ;o)

Catch you later

K xxx


  1. Happy birthday a bit early! Looks like you are going to have a fun, scrappy birthday. Enjoy all your new goodies!

  2. Good job on getting things organized. That clip thing looks very useful. Good luck with it. The kit you chose looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Ohh, nice presents. I've been reorganizing too today.

  4. look at all of your lovely goodies kel....lots of scrapping coming from you i predict.
    i know the rain is a pain (we are now on a flood alert) but you guys really need it up it falling over the dams...???
    have often wondered what those clip-its would hold...are you happy with it...???
    have a wonderful friday and only one more sleep !!!!!! xxoo

  5. I can't believe you thought your Clip It Up was too small! I have a feeling I'll never have enough money to fill mine with goodies! lol


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