Friday, 19 September 2008

My week

I received my carousel and had a lot of fun filling it up.

Also got everything I needed for Cathy Z's class - so I am ready & waiting for it to start.

While I was in the organising mood - I purged over half of my patterned papers and embellishments. Totally cut right back. Also organised my stamps.

Also got this lovely book a while ago. So yummy.

And I got my yummy order of candles from Gabbie. Seriously I can smell chocolate and coffee wafting through my house. Yum. Thanks Gabbie!!

It's the start of school holidays today. 2 glorious weeks of no school traffic. It's gonna save so much petrol.

Not much planned this weekend. I really need to get stuck into some cards. I've got 3 birthdays coming up in early October. Don't like my chances though. Not feeling very creative at the moment. I think my scrappy space is a bit too clean. Maybe I should toss some papers around...make it feel like normal!!

Anyway - have a great weekend ;o)

K xxx


  1. you, my dear, are one scrap supply shopping woman!!! is that really a candle? i thought it was a cupcake!

  2. Amazing organization, can you come to my house?! Hehe!
    That candle is yummy, love that one in the previous post too, delish!

  3. Isn't is great to organize? I have and love that carousel as well. Have fun!

  4. you are soooo gonna love that carousel I have one and it is one of my main things I have to have to stay sane when I organize.

    omg that chocolate I can just taste it. enjoy a bite for me :)

  5. You did some really productive organizing there! I'm envious!

  6. It really doesn't get any better than that!


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