Monday, 1 September 2008

Another happy mail day

I got these gorgeous stamps from Apple Blossom Studio. They are big and beautiful - and I can't wait to use them. Thanks Joy!

And aren't these amazing - a beautifully illustrated journal and a notepad by Susie Ghahremani. They are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks Susie!

And some more flair and bits from A million little things. They are just too cute to use.

Just waiting for a couple more things to arrive and then I am sworn off shopping! I have absolutely no room.

Got some great photos over the weekend - so now all I need to do is actually scrap!!

Yeah...right ;o)

K xxx


  1. i am in love with those pieces of flair having stocked up on the travel and everyday ones myself. use them well.

  2. Well you have the best of intentions anyways right? ;)

    Looks like you got some great goodies there - have fun playing with it all! :)

  3. those things from A million little things are great! Totally in love with those!

  4. Ooooh what great stuff! Love those mail days! Have a great labor Day!

  5. Wow, lots of great stuff!
    Those stamps look awesome! I'm always so jealous of all of your scrappy purchases!

  6. Great stuff. Love the stamps and Flair buttons. Have fun!

  7. hey kell
    you are very brave to buy goods overseas....i never have although mark and the boys are always purchasing sports stuff from the states and the UK.
    i LOVE those things from AMLT - VERY cute.
    have a great thursday xxoo


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