Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Yellow Obsession

It seems to me that lately I have an obsession with yellow.
I think I go through phases of having to use a particular colour.
It was brown for a really long time. Then aqua. Now yellow. And I am really liking grey too!
On Sunday I managed to order some really yummy SC kits. Cannot wait to get them. Also got the new Heidi stamps. YUM!!! I snapped them up real quick! So cute!!
Only 2 days until Cathy Zielskes Big Picture class. Has anyone else signed up??
K xxx


  1. So lucky you got those stamps..I couldn't stay up.
    I am loving the yellow too..I think it had a lot to do with last month's SC kit.

  2. Totally love those!!!!

  3. IM seeing alot of yellow lately. which makes me happy :)

  4. Ohhh love those!!! And I so need some of that grey AC paper. Man oh man.
    I can't wait to get my SC goodies either!

  5. i hear you about the yellow.
    and the grey.

    in fact, i like them together, lol!!


  6. ooo yellow looks good on you - really pretty cards! angie from SIS

  7. i really like the yellow card in the front


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