Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas recap

Christmas for me was tiring this year. I felt like I was chained to the kitchen the whole time.
The kids had a wonderful time. They loved everything they got.

The biggest hit of Christmas though was definitely Kinect. It has been used by all of us. Daily. We even went out on boxing day to get 2 more games.

The cats even got in on the present unwrapping action. They loved all the paper and ribbons.
I was a spoiled girl and got a Thermomix (which I received early), a watch, some clothes, books, and a gorgeous cake stand that doubles as a punch bowl.
I am still waiting for some sun. It's been nothing but rain. Our driveway was underwater today.

And the pool is full of mud. So sick of the rain and mess.

Hopefully it's all bright and lovely soon - I really want some good weather for my birthday next week. Not likely though.

Hope you are having better weather than me!


  1. Ugh, hope the weather gets better soon!

  2. omgosh, so much rainy! glad you had a merry christmas!

  3. wow that is a lot of rain! we have almost a foot of snow here so I would still trade with you

  4. wow...that's a lot of rain! We have snow here :)

  5. We got a Kinect for Christmas too. I can't wait to try it out.


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