Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sweet Treats

My plan was to spend some time in the kitchen today. As soon as I got up, I got ready and went to the shops to get the rest of the ingredients that I needed. Disaster 1 - they didn't have any marshmallows. What the?

So I got home and had to go help move a trailer. That took 2 hours longer than it was supposed to.
Finally got home and hubs went out to find me some marshmallows while I started getting my other ingredients ready. I got distracted when he came back and ended up with disaster 2 - I burnt half a kilo of white chocolate. Idiot!!
Finally I got myself together and pumped out some goodies.
First was a white chocolate rocky road(containing cranberries & pistachios)

Then a mix of white & dark chocolate rocky road(with turkish delight, flaked almonds & toasted coconut)
And some white chocolate & cranberry cookies.
Everything is cleaned up. Dishes are done. And I'm looking forward to a hot coffee & a cookie,


  1. Looks yummy !

    hope you have a wonderful christmas !


  2. All look delish--now we need recipes!


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