Thursday, 20 January 2011

Back again

Scrapped a little more this week. I'm trying to use up Metropolitan before Who's who arrives. Which hopefully will be tomorrow. I can't even remember what shop items I ordered.
I know I should have got more dot roller refills. I've just about used up my drawer full. That'll teach me for scrapping so much!

In other news - had to go and get school uniforms for the kids today. I did it without them. I was so lucky that they all fit.
My littlest is off to high school. That's going to be a bit weird having both in high school. Crazy!!
It's going to be great only having to travel to one school. It'll save me so much time.

Ok - back to scrapping!


  1. So looking forward to school starting! My youngest is starting GR 8 too. Love your layouts.

  2. high school? wow.. and yay to less driving! more scrapping time.. :))

  3. What a great two-pager!!! I love the font you used for the title. The 2nd LO is too cute!

  4. Great pages! Lucky you picking the right sizes! Isn't it crazy how quickly the kids end up in high school? Ack!!

  5. Sweet layouts! I just finished all my Metrolpolitan layouts too!


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