Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A great time

I had a great time away. There's nothing like recharging yourself with a fill of your bestest friend. I love her dearly. Missed my family though and am pretty glad to be home.
While I was away, my jelly roll and bag stuff arrived-
I am making that bag for my mum for Christmas.
And I used the jelly roll to finish my quilt tops. Except I miscalculated a little and I'm going to have 3.

I'm a little short on one of them so I'm going to have to come up with something to add to it.
 Last night as I was getting cranky in the heat, my hubby pulled a table out of the garage and set me up a sewing area in the air conditioned lounge room. It was the best gift ever! Now I can sew in the cool and be where everyone else usually is. Love it!
But I am under strict instructions that I cannot bring all my material in there. And with the way it's piling up - I think that's a pretty fair deal ;o)

Have a Happy Wednesday,


  1. That bag looks awesome, cant wait to see yours finished :)

  2. haha, you made me laugh about not being allowed to bring in all your material! I can so relate.
    What a good hubby, BTW. (Marina)

  3. looks like a fun project. Good deal getting into the cool!

  4. what happy colors! can't wait to see it complete!


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