Friday, 4 November 2011

A little Lark

Last night I went to my sewing class to start on the Amy Butler Weekender Bag. These are the fabrics I've chosen to make mine.
I've read so many horror stories  - so it's kind of intimidating. But broken down into smaller chunks should make it less stressful. And today I am still cutting pieces out.
Hoping my other fabric arrives so I can finish off either of the quilts I've started.
Will be spending my weekend packing my bags and getting everything organised. I'm getting away for a couple of days to visit my best friend that I haven't seen since 1999. So long ago!
So if I don't pop in before - have a fabulous week.
I get back next Thursday and it's straight off the plane and back to class again. See you then with some more progress,


  1. Love your fabric choices! May it be smooth sailing from here on out! Have a great trip too!

  2. Those fabrics are lovely. Have a great time catching up with your friend.

  3. that fabric is so cool. enjoy your trip.

  4. Those are beautiful fabrics! Love Amy Butler fabrics!


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