Saturday, 26 November 2011

What's in the box?

So yesterday afternoon some green boxes got delivered. Hmmm. What could they be?

My new KitchenAid mixer & Ice cream making attachment.

But what colour did I get?

Why, only my favourite colour in the whole world....Aqua!

Oh, she is so pretty. And so shiny. And will be happily replacing my little hand mixer that I've had for 11 and a half years that is on it's last legs. Hooray!

Today - I'm off to sewing class to work on my weekender bag. Hopefully I'll get it finished today.
Wish me luck. I think there's a fair bit of hand sewing and I'm not so good at hand sewing.

Anyway have a happy weekend,


  1. wow! it does look beautiful!! and it's aqua color!!! :D

  2. Oh Kelly! That's the top on my list this year (incl the Ice Cream Attachment), but in Empire Red. Did you get it locally or from Amazon? Saw it in David Jones and Myer and super expensive. Don't know if I wanna get from Amazon cos of the power voltage. OMG! Super excited for you!!

  3. Beautiful! And just in time for summer too. So jealous - I miss my KitchenAid and ice cream attachment. Got left behind in Canada since it's so stinkin' heavy and the plugs aren't right here anyway. Enjoy it!

  4. What a gorgeous color! Have fun with her:)

  5. Your mixer is so fabulous! It should have it's own special corner and complimentary lighting. LOVE the aqua!


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