Sunday, 22 July 2012

A little Sunday Sewing

I had been putting it off all week. Mum had requested an iphone pouch last Monday. Had a cold all week so didn't have the desire at all to sew. Spent most of it on the couch.
I woke this morning, knowing that she would be here at lunchtime. So I threw dinner into the slow cooker and finally started cutting the pieces at 11:00am.
I managed to have it done by the time lunch was ready.
A pretty good use of my scraps I reckon!
 It looks crinkly and blurry because I had to snap pics quickly before she left. I didn't get to flatten it out.

In other news - I placed my order for all the bits and pieces I need for class. Woah!! My heart was racing a bit. I hope I made the right choices. I find that choosing fabric for clothes is much harder than a quilt.
I am really excited for class to start. And hoping that my huge, huge order arrives safely and quickly.
A few parcels haven't arrived this month - so I would hate for my big one to go missing. Arggh! I don't want to think about it.

Anyway - hope you are having a relaxing Sunday and have a fabulous week,

K xxx


  1. that's really cute, i bet she loves it. the colors are great!

  2. oh wow! This is super cute. Love that little ruffle

  3. That is gorgeous! Love it!


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