Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Shape Workshop for Quilters & kitty treats

I have waited so patiently for this book to arrive. (Now I'm waiting on fabric to arrive to make one of the projects from it)
It hasn't disappointed. As I was turning the pages, I was nodding my head, adding more to my mental to do list.
Absolutely beautiful book.

In other news: We had to replace the cat tree as it was getting far too small for both my kitties to use and was causing arguments as they both wanted to be up high. So a quick search on ebay produced this.
It's nowhere near as sturdy as their last one but they are super happy with it.
I wasn't suprised that the little dangly mouse didn't last long. But she still has fun with the string.
Dash can almost jump from the ground to the top in one go.
They played with it so hard - they both passed out and slept for a couple of hours.  It was definitely a good buy.

Off to watch the third Alien movie. Since seeing Prometheus the other night, we're rewatching the rest of them.  I'm sick (again) and I can't think of anything better than curling up with my hubby on the couch and maybe getting an early night.
Hope you are having a happy week.


  1. okay.. that cat tree is gorgeous!! they sleep there? faithfully everynight? did you have to train them?

    1. Not every night Sasha. My little Miss only sleeps there usually if I'm in the lounge room. They just play on it and sleep on it when it suits them. Just like everything else cats do ;o)

  2. What an awesome cat condo! Our cat has two small ones and is curled up on one as we speak!

  3. I can understand they are happy. I'd be a happy kitty as well!

  4. Your cats are in cat heaven! We have a cat tree, too, but just one pole, and not as high! But they're content now that we've moved and they can go outside :)

  5. This is Cat's Heaven! They must be so excited about it (OK, as excited as a cat can be... ) :P

  6. Oh I want that book so bad! I can't wait to see what you do with it :-) I hope you feel better soon.
    p.s. Your kitties are so cute!


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