Sunday, 26 August 2012

In the box

I finished the quilt top yesterday. And instead of making the back what did I do? I opened the box!
Yummy yummy yummy!
I got some of  Pat Bravos Indie. Loving the colours. Gorgeous!
And some of Anna Maria Horners Field Study. Love the orange feathers and the dramatic butterflies. Super yum.
And some older Amy Butler. This was purchased specifically for a handbag.

Had a very productive day yesterday. I tried out online grocery ordering. It is definitely for me. I got them delivered at 7:15am. So I cut all the meat for the week. Make chilli con carne to go in the slow cooker this morning. Cooked the rice for last nights Chicken Fried rice.
I also baked a loaf of Apple, Cranberry & Almond Bread.
I sliced it up and put it in the fridge ready to be toasted for breakfast this week.
All up it only took a few hours and now I am really organised for my week.
Twice this week I am baking my own bread. Bit nervous. I don't really have the touch. But I guess I'll only get better with practice.

Have a happy week xxx


  1. The Amy Butler fabric is lovely. A handbag sounds great.

  2. So many lovely fabrics! And that bread look amazing!

  3. Loving all that gorgeous pattern!

  4. I love pretty fabrics! Great job on the quilt top!

  5. Those are some super-heroics. I love when I have dinner all prepared in the morning. But, here you are preparing food for the entire week. Way to go!

  6. Holy cow Kelly! You were super productive! I desperately need a day like that :-) And your new stash looks amazing. I can't wait to see what your plans are for all of those pretties.


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