Thursday, 23 August 2012

Work in progress - and no reward until I finish

Yesterday I had planned to sew all day and get the quilt done. But no - had to go out to run a work errand. So that cost me a few hours.
But here's where I'm at so far.
I have finished cutting. Now I need to sew everything together. Which will probably take up my whole day today.
In the meantime I have some really yummy things in here (which Violet is doing such a good job of taking care of it for me) -
And I am not allowing myself to open it until I've finished.
Now I really must go and get some sewing done ;o)

Have a Happy Thursday

K xxx


  1. It looks beautiful! Good luck with the sewing. I love seeing other people making little deals with themselves. I do that with scrapping supplies all the time!

  2. The fabrics are pretty, I wish I could sew, I can barely sew on my layouts, lol. I hope you finish soon so you can dig into that box!

  3. Thanks for your comment! :) I love the the kitty is keeping an eye on the box of goodies! I have 2 kits I haven't touched because I was trying to get 2005 pics done...but there are still so many, not sure I'm going to make it! LOL

  4. Beautiful fabrics, I'd love to see it finished.
    And you have lots of willpower, I don't think I would be able to wait to open the box...

  5. cute! cute! cute! I love every single one of those fabrics. It's going to be fabulous! :-)


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