Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Christmas drawstring bags

Yesterday I made the yummiest blueberry tea cake. It was oh so good.
And I sewed up 4 drawstring bags using my leftover Christmas fabric from last year. The only thing I purchased was the gold ribbon - which I need more of, so that's why you only see 3 of the bags.
Got an order for some crayon cases so I'm currently working on those.
They are due Friday. Then I'm going to start on some list takers. I am almost completely done on my Christmas sewing. And it feels great!
Hope you are having a productive week too!


  1. Hey Kelly. That teacake looks great!! Love the Christmas bags too!!! Thanks for popping in to say hello on the Etz blog and sharing what you're working on right now too..

  2. Oooh that looks so yummie, getting hungry looking at it :-)
    Your bags look so so cute!!

  3. That looks gorgeous cake! How can you be done with your Christmas sewing!!?? I am in awe of you!

  4. I am impressed that you're already making homemade Christmas goodies. That cake does look delicious-I always crave foods like that this time of year, just haven't spent enough time in my kitchen.

  5. Are you seriously almost done??? I saw your list. It was super long! Girl, you are so fast! I love your Christmas bags by the way :-)


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