Thursday, 11 October 2012


So I started out Monday with very good intentions. I got straight to cutting & sewing. I made 9 list takers instead of 4. But I got stuck at the end as I don't have the correct size note pads. And I need a water soluble pen.
 So I have them ordered and I packed away the list takers.
 Then Tuesday I tried to make the coin purses that mum wants. I bought a pattern but there is about 30 pieces to it. Um no. Not for 6 of them thanks.
So I tried the little pattern Mum wanted. It was the most terrible finish you've ever seen.

So I quit for the day, made pizza and relaxed with the kids.
Yesterday I came up with a plan B. I found a tutorial and tried it out. I messed it up. But it is easy enough to have another go at it. This one didn't get thrown across the room!
 I should have moved onto pouches today but my sweet girl needs a bag for gym. So she raided my Field Study stash last night and chose these.
SO today I am trying to make the bag - I'm going to make Amy Butlers Spice Market tote bag, and the big pouches for Christmas. I only have to do 2. And bake some muffins for hubby. And I'll save the pouches for tomorrow when I have a free day as I teach my friend to sew every Friday.
Crossing my fingers for a bit more success today.

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  1. Oh so much beautiful fabric in one post! I like todays plan and if all else fails you will still have made muffins!


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