Monday, 15 October 2012

Happy Monday

Yesterday -I finally got the little zipper pouches done that Mum wanted. I used this tutorial.
That's all my jobs finished for other people and now I can get back on track with the things I want to finish.

So today I am starting on a bag. Yes, another bag. Either Anna Maria's Multi tasker tote - for me for the weekend. Or Studio Cherie's Duffle bag - which is for hubby for Christmas. Decisions, decisions.
I think I'll probably do hubby's because at least I have his fabric picked out. For mine, I still need to pick 2 more. I think I'll be umming and ahhing over that choice for a while.

Have a Happy Monday

K xxx


  1. Ooh those purses look beautiful. I love the patterned fabrics. Enjoy working on your own projects this week. Cant wait to see what you choose for your own bag.

  2. those are super cute and look so well done. Thanks for the link and inspiration.

  3. They look awesome! The colors are so yummy.


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