Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Wet again

Today has been wet again. Lucky that I got the washing in before it started. Not so lucky that I already had clothes washing - and they are still sitting in the machine. Here we go again.

So today I made this layout. Another one for the album..er, I mean pizza box!!

And this afternoon I picked up my parcel from Blue Bazaar. So glad I got in on that sale. Most of it was like 50% or more off. Except for the 20 sheets of cardstock. But I really needed to refill my white. It's still running so go check it out. Be quick lots of stuff has already gone!! But today I saw there was still some Love Elsie at 50% off.

Ran around this morning putting money on the christmas laybys. What fun that was. Now I know why I like to shop at one place.

Well, that's it. I made lasagne for dinner and it's almost done. (Don't want to burn it!!!)

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  1. QUOTE..."Well, that's it. I made lasagne for dinner and it's almost done. (Don't want to burn it!!!)"
    or your fingers either kel...hope you were careful...!!!
    you certainly have been shopping lately woman....and good to see you creating some great LOs with your stash too.
    it's pouring rain here too - good day for sleeping the day away which is what i did (still not well :(...SIGH)
    i linked your blog to mine too if that's ok.
    talk soon xxoo

  2. love the layout and love the new stash. I have those little owl stamps and they are sooo adorable.

  3. That is some seriously good stuff. Love it all, have fun with your new goodies.

  4. Cool l.o. and your goodies look awesome!! Mmmmm, lasagna sounds good!! :)


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