Thursday, 25 October 2007

Heroes Thursday

Hooray- Heroes Thursday is here!!

Last night I was up really late and scrapped these. I didn't do a very good job. I don't really like them at all.

So I decided to stop in today at The Scrapyard and spend my VIP card. They just got in the new Love Elsie - Jack and Abby line yesterday , so I picked up the journalling stamps, 3 sheets of cardstock and yet ANOTHER pack of Thickers. $30 well spent I reckon!!
I placed an order last week for some scrappy goodness. It should be here next week. Can't wait. I got a heap of LE Jack & Abby, some Hambly and the Kelli Crowe Collection from a couple of months ago. Also ordered this stuff called Frosting. I think it is jewels on top of flexible adhesive. Not quite sure - but I can't wait to play with it. Sounds fun.
Got a huge pile of pics here to scrap - but haven't felt very good. I started getting a headache this morning that got really bad by this afternoon. I took Panadol - didn't help. I drank heaps of water - didn't help. So I went to sleep at 3:30. Hubby woke me at 4:30. He went and picked up the kids and organised dinner.
I've taken some more Panadol but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. So painful.
Absolutely going to get an early night tonight. Don't think I can stay awake. It's pounding.
Anyway - enough moaning -
See you later ;o)
K xxx

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  1. not sure why you aren't happy with your scrapping looks lovely to me. i have noticed you are doing lots of green LOs at the moment.
    maybe the headache was from smoking again - mark gets them when he goes through the giving up/taking it back up again stage.
    how are the hands today....???
    have a great friday ok xxoo


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