Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Wednesday already

Yesterday I received my cards. So I quickly whipped up 8 more and dropped them off to Mum today. And now I have $50 bucks in my kitty - that has Love Elsie written all over it!!

The card review - the cards were not exactly as I thought. A bit too thin than I like. (I like sturdy) And a bit smaller than I thought. Didn't exactly line up when folded. And the envelopes got smooshed in the mailing box. They did arrive within a timely manner - so that was good.

I think it is day 21 today. I've lost count. Feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed. And severe lack of sleep doesn't help.

Michael is off to Indy tomorrow. He is so excited!

My internet sucks at the moment. It is really slow. Like slower than dialup and it's a pain in the ass!! I don't know why it's like this. But I want it fixed. It's driving me insane!!

That's all -

K xxx

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