Friday, 14 November 2008

Friday night

(Layout design by Cathy Z for DYL at BPS)
Just sitting here watching Greys, and doing my layouts for class. We are now in week 7.
I took my little man to high school today. We spent an hour there. I have to take him every Friday for the next 2 weeks. It is so he can meet the teachers and get to know the layout of the school before he actually starts there next year. It was so weird going there as it used to be my high school. Not alot has changed.
It is so strange to think that I am going to have a high school kid. Growing up way too fast.
So I sent my slice back to Making Memories yesterday. Hopefully I get one back soon. It was so much fun. I absolutely loved the little thing!
Well, better get back to my show ;o)
Enjoy your weekend,
K xxx


  1. Great LOs!! Hope your son enjoy's highschool.

  2. sorry about your slice. I hope you get a new one soon! great layouts :)

  3. Love the pages!
    And the banner!: )

  4. They do grow up fast. That can be good and bad!

    Awesome layouts! I hope you get your Slice back soon!


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