Monday, 3 November 2008

Week Four Assigments

Ok - so these are my layouts for week 4. (Which was last week)

Design by Cathy Zielske for DYL class at BPS.
Other news -
I cancelled my order for Becky's Baby Kit. There were too many dramas in actually having them process the order, so I cancelled and ended up buying 2 albums and a stack load of baby papers and things instead.
Last night I found out I won a seat in "Cut the crazy out of Christmas" at BPS. So I have to add that workload to my list. A little ironic - a class call cut the crazy out, when added to my classes, is putting more crazy in!! Lucky I am a fast scrapper ;o)
I finished my layouts for the current week for DYL, last night. I'll post them tomorrow. And I am all ready for the new week.
Still waiting on the slice to come. Cannot wait to have a play with it.
And I think that's about it.
K xxx


  1. that is funny I know how you feel about crazy

  2. Sounds like you will be adding some awesome pages from the classes though and that is definitely a plus!! I ove the pages you have done-especially the ones you did for no particular reason!! Awesome!! Good luck with your classes!!


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