Saturday, 22 November 2008

very late update

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Been scrapping tonight. All for class. And all 8.5 X 11. So very tired now.
Has been a really hot day today. We have had some huge storms this week. Would have thought that we'd have had one tonight - but no, still very hot.
Not much going on this week. Still waiting to get my MM Slice back. Can't wait. Loved that little machine.
We got some beds delivered for the kids. Had to pull apart their old beds. They were bunks. And the top level landed on my head. Not fun at all!!
Did the groceries today...and my perfect hubby stopped at the bookstore and got me the three sequels to Twilight. Cannot wait to get stuck into them tomorrow. Way too tired for them tonight.
Made some more christmas cards yesterday. Only a few more to go - and I will finally be done. Lucky I started way early this year.
Time seems to be moving really quickly towards Christmas - really must organise presents. The kids have almost finished school for the year, so I really ought to get cracking.
Well that is it for me - at this late hour.
See you later this week. Hope you have a relaxing Sunday tomorrow.
Hoping I do too ;o)
K xxx

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