Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sewing Saturday & this week

Today I sewed up all the Amy Butler Soul blossom squares that I had. I need many many more for what I have in mind.
And the reason I sewed all of these this morning - my sweet darling kitty woke me at 5:00am. Thank you very much! It was so early, not even the chickens were up and about. They are becoming good at laying - we've had 2 eggs a day for the past 2 days.
Some of which I put to good use last night. I made a berry crumble cake. And when I went to serve it, I realised I had no ready made custard in the fridge. So I pulled out the eggs and milk and made my own in the thermomix. 7 minutes, no stirring, and deliciously perfect custard. Mmmm.
This week we planted the veges. We've got spinach, beans, peas, beetroot, chilli, capsicum, shallots, tomato, pumpkin and rhubarb. I hope they all survive.
And last but not least - look what my sweet girl made for me in Manual Arts. It's so cute and I love it
It's the first day of school holidays and I'm still on mummy taxi duty. Can't wait to get to bed tonight and get into relax mode.

Have a great weekend - whatever you may be doing,


  1. We have a key rack in our kitchen that our ~16 year old made when he was in 6th grade... I love that thing! And awesome on the eggs!

  2. That is an awesome keyrack, hope Lucy will make me one when she older lol. thats great about the chickens laying, so nice to have fresh eggs

  3. Those colours in that quilt are beautiful! I love it.

  4. Hi Kelly, just checked out your blog.You've got a beautiful family and I love the new place.Can't wait to quilt your quilt for you... :-) We also can't wait to get some chickens......


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