Wednesday 19 September 2012

Christmas plans

 Christmas is coming around again so soon. Last year I was madly sewing on Christmas Eve while trying to cook things for the next day. Not happening this year!
I put in a little order at Hawthorne Threads to get me started.

I bought some Cameo to make a laptop bag for my Mum. I'm thinking of making Anna Maria Horners Art Student tote with thicker interfacing to give it a bit more protection. Or perhaps Amy Butlers Spice Tote.

And the feathers from Field Study are possibly going to be used in the makings of this dress. Maybe my Christmas dress this year? What do you think?
I'm also planning a table runner & new placemats for Christmas. Along with some drawstring bags, some art journal covers, a pocket pillow, new jammies & stockings for everyone and a duffle bag for the hubby.
Just saying that out loud makes me think I should have started in January. If I aim for 1 or 2 things a week - I should be fine. I hope!

Are you making anything for Christmas? Do you like to give Handmade?

K xxx


  1. Oh my goodness Kelly! You have a lot to do! But you're pretty darn fast. I'm sure you could pull it off :-)

  2. I love to give handmade and have done so for years. Mainly to female family members, so much harder to make stuff for men!


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