Sunday, 9 December 2007

Feeling crafty

So today I finished off my christmas book. I decided half way through that I wanted to do the kids seperate ones, so I made this one Michaels. I was going to make it really fat with heaps of things in it. But since I am making 2 I decided to do just the basics. Now all I need is to add the pics and journalling.
I love being organised.
The top layout I just did then. I love that picture. Just going to add some journalling and the date. Another one for the box!!
Need to pack all my stuff away ~
Have a great week!!
K xxx


  1. Oh, yes! There's definitely nothing better than to feel organized. What a sense of control!

  2. great! really love the idea. I am making a christmasjournal too, but that's just for reminders afterwards how great this christmas was.

  3. What a totally cute album! love the size. Oh~ and I'm with you on the shopping too much at the scrappy store...and the grocery store. *sigh*


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