Sunday, 2 December 2007

It feels like Christmas

Some pics of our tree.

Putting it up yesterday, it was like ok, clear a space, untangle all the lights, get out the decorations....

But when Cakey started putting up all of the handmade things that the kids have made over the years - I started feeling all sentimental.

Looking at the tree when the kids had gone to bed. The house was all quiet. The lights twinkling.

I could feel the magic of christmas had arrived.

It may not be the prettiest tree (it's getting pretty old). But it certainly is full of love this year!!

Christmas truly is my favourite time of year!!
K xxx

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  1. hey kel...we did the whole christmas tree and lights thing yesterday too....miss kait was in her element directing her brothers as to where all the decorations should (and must) be placed. our tree even has an angel on it given to me when i was nine - she is a little worse for wear though, just like me....LOL
    were the pics taken with your "new baby"...??? they are so clear.
    hope you are well xxoo


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