Saturday, 8 December 2007

You know how...

when you go to the supermarket for bread and milk and you end up coming out having spent alot more.

Well that's what kind of happened to me today. Except it was the Scrapyard and not a supermarket.

I only went for some tape because I had run out. And this is what I ended up getting.

I have probably overspent so much this month that the next time I get scrap stuff will be in March!!! Big Ooops!!
I did this layout last night. I wasn't really paying attention. And I hate it. Not the layout design - but the colours I chose. Don't know what I was thinking.
It was from Kim Archers Online Class. Everyone elses was so gorgeous!! I killed mine!! Anyway...
My darling husband bought me some birthday presents yesterday - and one of them was a 50mm lens for my camera. Thank you very much.
I had a play with it today. I love it.
I also received my card from Julie Love's chrissy card swap. It was gorgeous. Thanks Connie.
That's it. Off to finish watching Survivor!!
See ya -
K xxx
P.S - It's not my birthday yet...I just always get my presents early!!

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