Thursday, 16 May 2013


It was cold today. I'm all rugged up in trackpants and a hoodie and slippers - but unfortunately I have to go out and work in the cold tonight. Brrr.
So at lunchtime today I threw some delicious veges into a roasting pan so I could turn it into soup tonight.
And I did a little shopping - I pre ordered Heather Ross's new collection called Briar Rose. How darling is it?
You can see the rest of the collection on her site.
I so want to make that adorable quilt. I just love it!!

My juicer arrived today. So let me know - what are your favourite juice combinations?
I'm keen to try some out!

K xxx


  1. Cute fabric! I am sure that soup was delicious. Keen to hear how the juicing goes. Keep warm!

  2. Uh-oh, I want to cook soup after seeing your roast veggie photo!!! There is nothing nicer than home cooked roast veg soup, love it so much.
    Those fabrics are gorgeous too. xox


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