Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Bubby's first quilt top

If bubby is a girl, that is. At the moment we are assuming that is the case.
It might be different come Monday after my scan.
I might need to dig into my stash for some blue fabrics.
Anyway - back to this quilt. I actually went to find out the fabrics for the diaper bag and got totally sidetracked when I came across some leftover 8 inch squares from a previous quilt I had made. So I pulled out some more fabrics and cut some more squares and pretty soon had a basic quilt top.
Yesterday I pieced together a back for it. Only problem now is that I don't have enough batting. So I'm going to unpick a row from each side (that will be fun) and I should have enough batting to make it. That will be a job for tomorrow.

If I plod along - doing a little each day - I just might get some things finished.
Where are the magic sewing fairies when you need them?

K xxx


  1. Love the colors and patterns, it's gorgeous!!

  2. lucky bub!! already have a quilt in progress!! Congrats my friend.. how are you feeling? better each day i hope.

  3. Gorgeous mix of patterns and colors! It looks so snuggly!

  4. I love the colours! Wish I could make quilts!!

  5. Wow!! Lovely colours!! Such a quilt is very high on my to do list ;)


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