Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Making a difference

So today was weigh in day for 12wbt. And to date I have lost 4.2kg. Go me. And now I am only about 5kg away from having a healthy BMI. Awesome.
 My morning snack is usually always this peach & mango yoghurt. It's my favourite.
And this is my favourite pizza - Ricotta, prosciutto, tomato & rocket. So yummy.

Yesterday I got some new Lock & Lock containers, so I sorted out my cupboard shelf. Only 5 more to go.

I've got itchy fingers and have the need to make something. Can't decide what though. Guess I better finish that little quilt. If I don't start now it'll never get done. Ok. Off to do it!

Have a Happy Wednesday!!


  1. i want that pizza!! and congrats on your 4.2kg loss!! woohoooo!!

  2. WOW congrats on the weight loss. That is fantastic. That pizza looks divine!

  3. Congrats to you darling! That Pizza is sure making me hungry :)

  4. good for you!! can you please send some of that motivation my way ;)???

  5. Congratulations!!! That's awesome!

  6. That's fabulous! Keep going - I know I have to (and it's the hardest thing ever!). The food makes me kinda hungry :)

  7. Congratulations!!
    And that pizza looks so yummy :)


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